A Mother's Love Poetry Contest


A Mother's Love

by Starleen Collins


A mother’s love is fearful

A mother’s love is constant

Children not understanding disappointment?

A mother’s love is reassuring

A mother’s love is protective

Children yearning for belonging?

A mother’s love is welcoming

A mother’s love is compassionate 

A mother’s love is blunt

If you think you can get away with misbehaving 

A mother’s love is in tune with her children 

Although some mother’s are unable to be there for their children

A mother’s love is consistent 

When life creates turmoil for families 

A mother’s love fights for hers

When she can’t fight anymore

A mother’s love request help

A mother’s love keeps her up all night being a Doctor

A mother’s love places her in situations she never thought she would be 

A mother’s love keeps her busy when she needs to rest 

No rest for a mother even when kids grow up

A mother’s love is untimely 

A mother’s love is not conditional 

A mother’s love last until mother has no beat left in her heart


A mother’s love is missed

Cherish your mother’s love before the beating stops


by Diane Vogel Ferri


When you slid out of me

you were already holding her

in the dark cave of your belly.


She languished until we could not

do without her, could not live

in this lonely place any longer.


Her bones are lengthening,

gathering in the world

with all of its words and gestures,


her fearlessness is all the beauty

we need today, all the kisses

we can catch in our open hands.


We three are knit together

with the sun and the moon,

brimming over the ages,


never still, never the past,

always tomorrow.