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The Voices of Real 4. In this fourth edition, we are witnesses to the real that is worldwide. In our daily preparation in which we try to face the world, we encounter life and at times it seems like it can’t be real. From our direct, personal experiences to our indirect experiences, our souls try to feel the real in life. At times we can waiver in our belief that there is still good in the world. As poets, we have the creative responsibility to speak on the real that we face in hopes that we can educate and be an inspiration to someone.


When looking for truth, peace, power, hope, understanding, wisdom, patience, love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, family and friendship, how do we know if any of it is real? Can we measure it? And if so, how? Is it by the words we say and the deeds we do? Is it the words said to us or the deeds done to us? What about those people who are comfortable in chaos? Do we wash our hands of them and walk away? With a vengeful heart and an “I told you so” spirit, do we pray?


The poems in this book invite you into a real that challenges us to reveal the real within ourselves. Each poet shares their real with a vulnerability and passion that fosters growth and gives courage to the reader to accept life, embrace it and make it the best they can for themselves and others if possible. Each poet shares their soul and invites you into their world without apology and without shame and that says volumes about a world that wants to hide behind the mistakes of others, while not accepting its own.


As the publisher of this book, I am extremely grateful to be able to share in the lives of each poet. Reading and feeling their works encouraged me at a time in my life when I was questioning what was real. I am sure that you will inspired by the real you read in this book.  


Thank you. -Jason F. Blakely, Sr.


The Voices of Real 4

by Various poets. 


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