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A PoemDemic

A compilation book of poems about the worldwide pandemic.


The poems featured in this book speak directly to and about the pandemic, which has been a part of our lives for quite some time. We have seen the pandemic’s destruction and heard it breathe fear into the lungs of life and hope. Now, it is the pandemic’s turn to hear what we have to say. Our voices will be heard through real, raw, authentic, poetic expression.

Featured Poets

Debbie Scheip
J. Travis
Denise Shumway
Dominique Williams
Amanda Cotton
Barbara Marie Minney
Maurice G. Lyons
Geoffrey Landis
Mwatabu S. Okantah
Jonie McIntire
Barbara Mitchell-King
Sophawnia Coleman
Deepa Vankudre
Debra Hare
Gary Shulman
J. R. Simons
Jamie Mutnansky
Patrice Hann
Michelle M. Blakely
Jason F. Blakely, Sr.
Amy Redmond
Matthew J. Wilks
Laddie W. Fair, Jr.

Carol Mullins
Chiamaka Sentwaki


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