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Book Cover Design


As we know, book are judged by their covers. Your book cover is the face of your book and it is the very first thing people see. You can have a great story but if potential readers aren't intrigued by your cover, they will not look to read what's inside. Your cover should be custom and personalized. It should draw the reader, catch the reader's eye and make them want to know the life with the pages of the cover. Creating a book cover is very important to the identity and success of your book. There is the Standard and Standard Plus Book Cover Options.


All printed books that we produce feature a front cover, back cover and spine which is the Standard Book Cover Design. Barcodes are provided in the book publishing packages if the author wants one as a design feature within the cover or as stickers to be placed on the back of the cover. It is up to the author. We suggest using the barcode, it makes your book more professional.

Your Book Cover File

Your book cover file must contain all the elements you want on your cover. From the front and back covers, to the spine and the panels. Please include directions for where you want photos, images and elements in your file and save in a PDF. Also include any text you want on the cover, like any blurbs, reviews or About The Author info. Any photos, images and elements need to be at least 300 dpi and saved in jpeg format. Photoshop CS6, InDesign CS6 and Microsoft Word files are accepted.

Use the Book Cover Design Templates as a guide to design your book cover.

This is a Standard Cover Design. 6 x 9 inches with a quarter inch spine without a barcode.

Standard Cover Designs come with a barcode also.


The Standard Plus book cover design has the option of adding 3 inches to the front and back covers. These additions to the front and back covers are called flaps or panels. These flaps or panels are a good place for extra information about the author like a picture, the author's previous works and information about your current book. These flaps or panels can also serve as bookmarks.


Book flaps or panels are available on books, sizes *5.5. inches x 8. 5 inches and *6 inches x 9 inches.

*For the 5.5. inch x 8. 5 inch size book, the maximum spine width to have the 3 inch panels on the front and back covers is 1 inch.

*For the 6 inch x 9 inch size book, the maximum spine width to have the 3 inch panels on the front and back covers is 3/4 of an inch, or .75 inches.

All book covers feature a hinge score - Hinge scoring is a process where additional front and back glue is applied about 1/8” from the spine and a score is made on the covers at the edge of this additional glue lap. Hinge scoring allows books to open easier and with less pressure on the spine.

This is a Standard Plus Book Cover Design. 6 x 9 inches with a 3/4 inch spine with 3 inch front and back flaps/panels.


Book flaps are .75 cents per flap per book along with the price of your book order. $1.50 per book.

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