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Publishing Services


This Poem         

This poem is

showing you 

the difference between

low leading and high leading

or tight and loose leading

Access and Control of Book and Its Progress

  • Direct contact with the publisher. You have access to every detail of your book and how it is coming along.


  • Complete design and layout of your book cover and the inside of your book. No extra fees for scanning pictures or drawings that will be printed in black and white. If color printing is wanted in the book, a color printing fee will apply.

  • A page is one side of the paper. A page can comfortably hold 25-28 lines with an 11 point font for the text and 14 point leading (the space between multiple lines). The lower the leading between title and the lines of text, the more lines of text you can fit on the page. The higher the leading between the title and the lines, the least amount of lines will fit on the page. The numbers of lines will differ if there are elements in the header and footer of the page.  Please keep in mind that readability is most important. You want your book to be able to be read and look good. Default leading is 14 point for an 11 point font. The default leading between the title and the first line of text is 48 points.

       For example: The poem below says the same thing and is the same size but will look different on the           page depending on how many lines your poem has and the leading. The normal leading is 2 to 3                   points higher than the size of your text. So if you choose an 11 point font, your leading should be 13 or         14 points. The leading from the title to the first line of text can be anywhere from 36 points to 72                   points. Keep these things in mind when decided on how you want your book to look.


  • Sample Books - (Authors can receive 2 sample books). If you choose to publish with us, send your manuscript in a PDF and it will be formatted according to the options you choose on the sample book request form and we will send you a sample book free of charge so you can see what it will look like before you make a financial investment. You will be able to see the size of your book with velvet matte or gloss laminate, white or natural paper, how the text looks with different typeface (fonts) and how the text is aligned on the page and more. Use the sample book(s) to make corrections to send in, if any. If you want to send in the sample book(s) with corrections, you can do that. Use the Sample Book Request Form to request a sample and a final sample book of your work. 

Binding Types

  • Square Back Perfect Binding

Book Cover

  • Book cover design templates to assist with your personal cover. Standard and Standard Plus book cover design options. Glossy or Velvet Matte lamination. Book cover stock is (C1S) Coat On One Side 10 point or (C1S) Coat On One Side 11 point.

Book Text Paper

  • Text paper is printed on White 60 lb, White 70lb. and Natural 60 lb.

How are manuscripts submitted?

  • Electronic manuscripts are accepted. Text and Book Cover/image files need to be sent in a PDF. Book cover images and other pics or images should be a jpeg at least 300 dpi. Your entire book, text and book cover images, and other images if any, and any instructions should be in your PDF file.  


        Please send to:

  • Computer printed manuscripts are accepted. Please include all design, formatting and other necessary paperwork. Send to: Poetry Is Life Publishing, P.O. Box 228, Akron, Ohio 44309.

Publishing Elements

  • Copyright RegistrationCopyright registration filing and deposit copies provided. The author keeps all rights to their work. As part of the publication services, Poetry Is Life Publishing will file the author’s work for copyright registration, submit deposit copies and payment. Author will be informed at all stages of the copyright process. Once the work is registered with the copyright office, the author will receive the registration certificate.


  • I.S.B.N. - International Standard Book Numbers are numerical book identifiers which is intended to be unique to each book. The ISBN is included in publication and Poetry Is Life Publishing will be identified as the publisher of record.


  • L.C.C.N. - Library of Congress Control Number - A Library of Congress catalog control number is a unique identification number that the Library of Congress assigns to the catalog record created for each book in its cataloged collections. Librarians use it to locate a specific Library of Congress catalog record in the national databases and to order catalog cards from the Library of Congress or from commercial suppliers. (source:


  • Bookland EAN Barcode with or without price - An EAN which begins with the Bookland prefix 978 is called a Bookland EAN code and is used on books and book related products internationally. The Bookland symbol is the barcode of choice in the book industry because it allows for encodation of ISBNs (the numbers publishers use to identify their products). Since an ISBN is unique to one particular title (or product), the corresponding Bookland EAN symbol is a title-specific marking which is unique for that title. For example, if a title is available in hard cover, soft cover and as an e-book, three unique ISBN Bookland EAN bar codes are required. The ISBN Bookland EAN Barcode also conveys US pricing information in the add-on barcode symbol.  The 5-digit barcode conveys the pricing information and follows establish rules for encodation. For prices below $99.00, a 5 is added to the right followed by the four digit price (no decimal point).  Many US retailers and states also require a printed price to also be included. This info is used from the website 

  • Specialty Paper & FoilSpecialty papers are papers that are not the natural cream or white text papers you want in your book.  The specialty papers are metallic and vellum (translucent) papers.


       Foil can be added to the interior pages of your book to add sophistication and flare. Foil comes in                 many different colors and can be applied to regular and specialty papers. Foil cannot be applied to the         covers at this time.


       Foil:  $1.50 per foil application to a page, per color. Foil is only on text pages and specialty paper.


       Metallic Paper - .79 cents a page


       Vellum Paper - .59 cents a page

       Cardstock.79 cents a page


  • Email Editing/PDF provided to the author as much as needed.


  • Edit Log Sheets are provided for the author to record their edits. They can be scanned and emailed to us so that the corrections can be made. Corrections will be made that day if possible or the next business day and a corrected PDF will be sent to the author.

Promotional Items

  • Post Cards & Posters - Postcards (4 in x 6 in) and posters (8.5 in x 11 in) are provided to assist you in promoting your book. Post cards are printed in full color (front side) with back side printing on high quality gloss or matte (non-glare) card stock. The post cards can showcase the cover of your book, along with the price and ordering information, and any other information the author wants to included. Posters are printed on one side on high quality gloss. The posters can showcase the cover of your book, along with the price and ordering information, and any other information the author wants to included.

  • If you plan to have an event and you want that information on your promotional pieces, make sure    you have the correct dates and times for your event. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL THE INFORMATION    IS CORRECT. Once they are printed, they cannot be changed. If a mistake is made due to the wrong      information given by author and new pieces have to be printed, a $100 fee will apply. If Poetry Is Life  Publishing makes the mistake, we will correct any mistakes and print new materials at no cost to the  author. 

       You need to review the digital proof of your post card/poster before we print them. Please design your         materials to feature all info you want. 

  • Author Book T-Shirt - A great way to promote your book before it is published and after it has been published is an author book t-shirt. It is a great way to generate excitement about your book and to keep your book in the eyes of the public after it has been published. Your author's book t-shirt can feature your book cover on the front and contact info on the back or whatever combination of information you want and where. Author's book t-shirt is included in the publishing packages. 

  • Author Press KitA press kit is a compilation of information for the media, or for anyone who wants more background, details or photos of you. A press kit will be created with information about you and your book(s). The kit will include the author's name and biography, a headshot and other photos of the author, a blurb about your book, an excerpt from your book, a few questions you would like to answer about your book, a press release and reviews or testimonials about your book, and contact information. We will create a 4 page digital media kit and a press release.

  • Signed by Author Stickers - These elegant signed by author stickers are a great compliment to your already awesome book. They let the author know that you took the time to sign the book, giving it a creative, personal touch. There will be a signed by author sticker for every book in your order.

Printing Process

  • The Permission To Print Form is provided to assuring you that your book is not printed until you feel that all edits and other design features have been made. You can send an email stating that you give permission for your book and other items to be printed. Follow the items on the permission to print form and include your information in that email.

Payment Plan

  • Flexible payment options in two parts - Payment Plan: Pay half of total amount. Include the Permission to Print Form. Pay the other half when author is ready. With the first payment, the barcode, copyright filing, personalized pens and any other book publishing elements that can or need to be ordered will be ordered. When the books are completed, they will be shipped to the author along with anything else from the publishing package that needs to be shipped along with a receipt. 


  • Payment In Full: Pay the total amount with Permission to Print Form. When the books are completed, the personalized pens and t-shirt will be shipped to the author along with a receipt. Post cards and posters will be shipped earlier, especially if they have time sensitive information on them.



  • For book order packages where author pays upfront for 25, 50, 75, 100 and 100 or more books (plus the post cards, posters, personalized engraved writing pens, author's book t-shirt and signed by author stickers), royalty payments will be made to the author on a quarterly basis along with a full report of sales. The royalty rate is 60% of total sales paid to the author. For books orders of 5 and 10 copies,  royalties are 30% to author and 70% to Poetry Is Life Publishing for taking on the upfront cost of publication. It is the author’s responsibility to report all sales on their behalf to fulfill their tax reporting responsibility. Poetry Is Life Publishing will provide any information the author needs to comply with tax reporting for publishing services provided per the author’s book order. Also, it is the author’s responsibility to provide Poetry Is Life Publishing with any information concerning tax reporting for publishing services if needed.

Book Distribution

  • Being a small, independent publisher, we will not feature our books on Amazon or any other company that does not give the author its fair share. People who want your book can purchase it directly from This benefits the author when it comes to royalties. Libraries will also be able to purchase author's books from this site. Book stores will also be able to purchase authors books. We want to make sure we get the author's books into the hands of people who want them in a timely manner. We believe in having the author benefit realistically as much as possible when it comes to their book, and as your publisher with the services we offer, we believe that we do that. We are always looking to grow and learn, making sure we provide the author's who trust us with their work, genuine and honest services. We also want to collaborate with cafe's, coffee shops, community centers and other places where the author's book can be featured and purchased. 

This Poem

This poem is 

showing you 

the difference between

low leading and high leading

or tight and loose leading

This Poem


This poem is 

showing you 

the difference between

low leading and high leading

or tight and loose leading

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