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Community Partnerships & Projects

The collaboration between Poetry Is Life Publishing and The Front Porch Cafe has been one that has given opportunity for people to express themselves through creative expression in a very welcoming and loving space and to participate in our Poetry & Pancake Breakfasts and Poetry & Pasta lunches. The Front Porch Cafe and South Street Ministries is dedicated to making the community better by providing services and programming that uplift and support the community.


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Since 2015, the collaboration between Poetry Is Life Publishing and The Peanut Shoppe has produced the Poetry: Crackin' & Poppin at The Peanut Shoppe Poetry Contest. The Peanut Shoppe is committed to the community and committed to helping youth find their creative side through poetry. We are grateful for their overwhelming kindness and genuine support.


The collaboration with Sidney Ryan Uniforms has produced the School Is Cool! Poetry Contest. This gives youth the opportunity to write poems about why they think school is cool. Youth has the opportunity to earn a $30 gift voucher for school clothes. This opportunity is provided to youth in the Akron Public School system and other schools that require students to wear uniforms. We are thankful for this collaboration. The owner really cares and even has offered to use her place of business as a place for kids and families to participate in poetry and reading programs.


The collaboration with the Akron Children Museum brought about the Being A Child Is...Poetry Showcase. All children who were interested could write about what it is like being a child. Three poems wold be chosen to win  one year Level-One Plus membership. The Akron Children's Museum is a fun place for children to go to learn and have fun while do so.


To collaborate on a community project or event or request a service, complete the contact form below. Services are list below as well. Thank you.


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