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Publishing Belief



As a poet first, publisher second, I believe that publishing is more than putting a manuscript into book form and selling it. There must be a desire, a passion, a wanting to connect with others through poetic expression. A willingness to relate to and understand what others are going through. To take the responsibility as poets, to be the voice that sparks the important conversations of the soul.


Publishing, (for the author) is the sincere sharing of the soul, a social, emotional invitation to their lives, an intimate confession of our humanity, a realization of a dream. It is a tool that should be used, a responsibility, (by those in that profession,) to give an opportunity to those who want to sincerely share their souls, as a timeless way to inspire, to ensure that our through time, whether good, bad or indifferent, that our legacies lives on.


If you've had experiences that have challenged you; why not share those experiences through your book. That's where Poetry Is Life Publishing comes in, to help you achieve the goals you have for your book. It is by these beliefs that we want to help authors publish their books. We take a team attitude approach to the publishing process, all parties working together to achieve the same goal; a great book.


It is the small things that often get overlooked, like staying in contact with the author on a regular basis, supporting the vision you have for your book, giving and taking suggestions and advice because after all, it is your book. We will make a genuine effort to connect with you, to  understand, creatively support, professionally assist and help bring forth the artistic vision and goals you have for your book in a way that brings out the best in what you want to say to the world.





Our principle is to publish books that reflect life. Not everything about life is easy or easy to explain. There are some difficult things that happen within its course. As your publisher, keeping an open mind, extending understanding, encouraging and respecting creative independence while not compromising either sides morals are the principles on which books are published here.


Our work reflects the type of people we were, we are and want to become and the work that is published here should challenge the author, be an example of personal growth  and creative maturity. The publisher reserves the right to refuse publication of any material that doesn't reflect the principles and will not print material that is viewed to be overly obscene, illegal or hateful in nature.




Note: In the event that we are not able to publish your book, you will receive a detailed explaination. We understand that we won't be able to publish every book that we come across. And in that event, we will be respectful and professional in the reason not to publish your book. It doesn't mean that your book is not good enough, it just means that it does not fit in with our principles for publishing. Thanks for understanding.

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