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Does My Work Matter?

You've taken the time to write down your thoughts, your feelings and your experiences on paper bags, on the back of grocery receipts, on take out menus, on utility, credit card and medical bills, you've even temporarily tattooed your skin with ink so you wouldn't forget that thought, that feeling or that experience. Inspiration, like life, cannot be predicted. You have made yourself vulnerable and open to criticism, open to those that may not understand where you're coming from, where you are and where you're going. 


Through your manuscript, you will share some of your deepest secrets. Basically, you've shared your life through your manuscript which you have worked so hard to turn into a book. You've courageously, anxiously submitted your manuscript to publisher after publisher, not sure if they would take the time to read it before they toss it into the trash, where author's voices lay, silent, muzzled by corporate misunderstanding. Or maybe you are that author that has never submitted your work because you have a feeling that the company is closed minded when it comes to your manuscript and to you because you don't fit into their publishing profile. So you figure, why get published? Why endure rejection after rejection letter? Why, because your story is unique and the world needs to hear from you.


In a world full of authors looking to publish their books, you must decide where you fit in and what publishing company is best when it comes to the publication of your book.  With the advancement of technology and more authors taking control of their books, the publishing industry has grown tremendously and has opened doors that traditional publishers, once kept closed. Most, not all of traditional publishers, (those in charge of main streaming publishing, that decide what books get published and what books do not)  don't recognize or accept those who take a different approach to publishing as they do. In their eyes, if you do not get published the traditional way, your work is not that good and in your "vanity", out of your desperation, and lack of talent and skill, you will pay  to have your book published. They discredit any book that is not published traditionally and the publisher of the book.


Books not published traditionally are not given a fair chance and the companies have to fight off a reputation some are not worthy of. Now, I have a couple of questions for you, do traditionally published authors deserve to be heard more than authors that are not traditionally published? Do traditionally published author's experiences mean more than an author that is not traditionally published, NO! Every book, and for that matter, every publishing company deserves the opportunity to stand on it's own merit, on it's own creativity and on it's own principles. Just because a book isn't traditionally published doesn't mean that the book isn't worth buying and reading. Remember, diamonds are found in the ruff.


Whatever your publishing method, whether it's traditional or not, remember that you are the author and no one understands your book better than you. You put your time, energy and resources into your book and you deserve to be heard. Poetry Is Life Publishing will produce excellent quality books and publishing services for authors that choose our services, within the scope of our publishing principles. We will work with the author to bring their creative vision to life through their book with their ideas, their drive and passion along with our drive, passion and experience and understanding to fulfill the author's goal of publication.

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