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The Poet's Calendar 2021

Available on December 14th - $7.00


Featured Poet's

Poet's Calendar 2021. In no particular order here.

Just greatness! All through 2021 we will represent poetry,

not only in Akron but all over the world.

I am honored and humbled to be in a position

to help highlight these poets.

Now! They Will Listen To Us!

Camie Bramblette
Johnny Williams
Sophawnia Coleman
Rabah Rayan Nabil El
Angela Landis
Michelle Blakely
Jason F. Blakely, Sr.
J. R. Simons
Carol Mullins
Barbara Marie Minney
Alicia Hopkins
Ebony Akron
Tameika Wheeler Boyd
Aurora Winters
Mighty Poet
Mary Jo Coull
Sharetta Latrice
Shavannah Farr
Henry Garden
Erin Irwin
Matthew Wilks
Fela Sutton 
Starleen Collins Saulsberry
Jim Meador
Keith Allison
Jayde Elysse
Steve Brightman
Diana Carolina de Pineda
Kwa Hill
Marcus Anderson
Valarie Peake
Colleen Mueller

Michael DeBenedictis
Pasithea Chan
Tony Gamblin
Marjorie Burr
Nicholas Lane
Patrice Hann
Dominique Williams
R. Shanelle

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