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And I Say This Unto You: My Sweet Angel Nataia

Author: Sophawnia R. Coleman


My Journey

When the doctor gave the final result after my daughter's surgery, before her death I asked the Lord to prepare me for this journey which ever way it may go. I also told my mother-in-law those same words. That was April 27, 2007. My daughter passed April 29, 2007. I feel like I am still on this journey. Nataia passed away from Atypical Terratoid Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT) - which is a very rare form of childhood cancer. Nataia's tumor was in her brain. Before Nataia was diagnosed with this, I had never heard of it before. In memory of my daughter who passed away at the age of two and a half years old, I would like to bring awareness to this kind of childhood cancer.


All I can do is look up and thank God for blessing me with her and all the precious memories that I have with my sweet angel Nataia. The night my daughter passed these words came to me as I was drifting off to sleep; here today, gone tommorow. I got up and wrote those words down. Later it became a poem I had placed on my daughter's program the day of her service. I have continued to write poetry ever since that day. It has been a way for me to express my memories, my pain and grief for the loss of my daughter Nataia.

I also want to inspire others. Writing poetry has become one of my coping methods that first began as a journal. I then felt like I wanted to write a book of inspirational poetry inspired by the loss of my daughter. I would like my book to touch others so they know that it's okay to grieve, it's okay to feel pain, it's okay to have days when you're not sure how to feel, it's also okay to cherish the memories of their loved ones. I will continue to keep my trust and faith in God. God has blessed my kids, my husband and me as well as our family and friends in so many ways. I am forever grateful. I pray, And I Say This Unto You: My Sweet Angel Nataia, will be a blessing to many as well as they take time to read inside.



Thank You,


Peace and Blessings to you.


Sophawnia R. Coleman

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