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Collecting Ghosts: The Antique Future


This collection of poems started as a reflection on the loss of my father but his loss wasn’t the only ghost that I seemed to have collected that wanted to be seen and heard. There were other experiences I collected that needed to be shared. These poems are personal in the way that most of them are my direct life experiences. Sharing these very personal feelings and experiences forced me to grow not only as a poet but also as a person. These poems allowed me to speak to pain with peace, shame with salvation, doubt with determination and loss with life.


In the opening poem, Receiving His Ashes, I share my feelings on when I received the box that contained my father’s ashes.There was no advice, guidance or insight on what to do or how to feel. The box could have had a warning, something like: "This product may cause irreversible regret, emotional neglect. Memories will find themselves hanging from tears that kick their drowning feet at your neck." OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK! This was not just a challenge to open the box, but to also open my soul, and this collection of poems is accepting that challenge.


This collection of poems also features the poems, Women’s Health Center, The Day I Became A Man, She Sings Along and I Will Always Love You. 

by Jason F. Blakely, Sr.
by Jason F. Blakely, Sr.
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