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Lyrics & Verses: Seeing Life As A Lyricist

Author: Tony Gamblin


This is a book of rhymes and intriguing thoughts. Throughout Lyrics & Verses, Tony shares with us his views on life and how he deals with certain issues that he and others face. His verses are serious and lighthearted at the same time. The poem, In The ER, is a story about being sick and trying to navigate the healthcare system and the long waits along with the attitude from overworked nurses and trying not to get vomited on while waiting.


"Where Do I Turn" is a poem that poses the question we all might feel at one point, where do I turn? Where do we go when friends and family say they will help but when you need the help they are nowhere to be found. The poem "Black President" is a poem about how far we have come as a country to elect a black man for president. The poem, "Cyber Blues" is a poem about the struggle to complete this book. It tells of the challenge of dealing and trusting technology.

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