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My Conscience Is My Pimp: Street Corners of My Mind

Author: Jason Franklin Blakely


This book of poetry is unapologetic in its challenge to self and to society. It calls for us, humans to get to know who we are and to like it, to appreciate our uniqueness and love ourselves. It takes us on a journey through struggle and triumph, from family issues, domestic violence, war, suicide, having children, poverty spirituality, love and more. Through the book you will see a tug-o-war between spirit and the mind. We often ask ourselves questions about ourselves and things or events that take place in life. The poems in this book allow us to step outside of ourselves and realize the connection we have with our neighbors next door and our neighbors miles away. 

This book shows how someone can be vulnerable and victorious at the same time. The poems are written in a way that makes you focus on the bigger picture of life while still paying attention to the smallest details that we sometimes overlook. Overall, the poems connect life to life and show that if you use your voice to tell your story, people will connect because they understand that they are not alone in their journey.

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