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by Maurice G. Lyons


No Apologies consist of poems portraying Maurice G. Lyons' personal pains - private and public - pondered and penned. These are not cries for help, but rather trauma release episodes and exercises. For Maurice, writing has served as a medium for healing, a means of examining and rearranging thoughts and feelings and a way of sharing each of these experiences with the world.


As a Black man serving time in Ohio's prisons, writing has allowed Maurice to make visible his inner conflicts and confusions. Far too many times have men at large been told that they should simply "grin and bare it" as life's trials grind them down from the inside out until they implode, explode, or both. Revelations of implosions can be read in Maurice's first collection of poetry - Brick Walls & Typewriters.


Poetic explosions occur throughout the No Apologies collection. Explosions that blow away the debris of infestations and leave scars of healing.

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