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Somethin' About That Willow
by Harvey Nelson

$12.00 plus shipping 

Somethin' About That Willow by Harvey Nelson is available now. His poems tackle issues that are relevant today. They challenge us to look within ourselves for the good we want to see. They are nostalgic, nurturing, and optimistic, an overall good read.

Harvey says, Thanks for reading my poetry. I hope there were a few times or at least once, you said,  “Oh, that’s interesting.” If not, that’s ok, since I mostly write these to help me understand my perception of a situation or the world in general.  I wanted to have pictures for each poem and was fortunate that Open AI Labs put out Dalle-2 and Microsoft provides 3-D paint. My artist friends are not happy. I want to thank Matthew Lippman for his insights, critiques and ordering these writings. Also, want to thank Jason Blakely for his fine job of publishing. And, of course, my wife Kim, who always encourages me to find other people to read these poems. 

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