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My mother would say all the time how blessed she was to have met Jason. She had been writing songs and poetry since she was a teenager and it was always her dream to be published. I remember being young and retrieving manilla envelopes from the mailbox that were self addressed. When I asked her about she tried to explain that since she neither knew nor could afford a publisher, this was the only way she knew to get some type of protection for her work. The stamp of the US Postal service provided a poor man's patent she told me. As soon as my mother met Jason she was all in. He began as being the parenthesis "publisher" in her contact book to being just Jason, a friend that happened to be her publisher. When she spoke of Jason to friends and family, there was an aura of fondness and respect.


The relationship between my mother and Jason was not a traditional publisher/writer relationship because it evolved into an actual friendship where the interest and concern of what was going on in their personal lives had more importance than the work they were doing together. My mother could be extremely guarded with her work because so many people in the past had tried to take advantage of her and credit for her work. When she met Jason there was an instant trust factor which made most of my family including myself skeptical. My mom had faith in Jason but overall faith and God and she saw Jason as a vessel the Lord sent to help her spread her gift to the world. When my mother was in the final stages of her battle with cancer, I would tell her how she and her gift would live on. Her legacy would forever be ingrained on the world and how most people have nothing of substance to leave. It gave her joy and pride to know that people all over the world who would never meet her, would know her name and her work.


She always considered herself a writer but with the help of Jason she became a credible and verifiable author. I personally think that Jason is just as great a person as he is a publisher. During their work together he showed himself to be a man of integrity, grace, and dedication. He embraced my mother and her work by taking the best she had to offer and coupling it with his best efforts which produced an extraordinary outcome. When my mom saw her first book in print she said, "Never in my wildest dreams did I think my book would turn out like this." That resonates with me because to know my mom is to know when she dreams she dreams big, so for it to have exceed her lofty expectations it would take a truly remarkable effort from a remarkable person. Thank you Jason.

Nyiesha Peake - Valarie's Daughter




Jason Blakely published my first book of poetry titled And I Say This Unto You: My Sweet Angel Nataia. He did an excellent job with my poetry book. He was always willing to make changes when needed & gave suggestion  throughout.  My thoughts & feelings  about the death of my daughter is shown through out the book. I wanted to give others encouragement & inspiration after the loss of a child, children, or loved ones. The page layout is done very nicely & the font is very easy to read. The cover & back of the book was beautifully done.  Jason Blakely has a way of putting a rare & unique touch to thoughts & feelings that was compiled into my book of poetry for others to capture. 

Sophawnia R. Coleman

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