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The Sinner Who Sits In The Back Of The Church Has Something To Say!

Author: Jason Franklin Blakely


This book is a voice, a challenge to those in the church who use their voices to quiet other voices, voices they feel don't carry weight. Underestimating anyone connected to God is a costly mistake. The sinner treated as a poignant annoyance to the image of the church. This brings upon a worthy wrath, all works become cursed. Those who work up enough courage to enter the church, do their best to dodge the ever rolling eyes of judgment and spiritual ridicule.


The church should be a sanctuary for the weary, but we can't hear the voice of reason due to spiritual treason. The real reason we fall from grace is because we put our face in place of the truth. We should welcome anyone seeking love, seeking God, as they struggle with sin because at one time that person was and still may be you.

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