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by Jason F. Blakely


Why Write This Book? Short answer, because I like to know what people think. Long answer, life gives us so many things to choose from, some things we like, some we don’t. Some we are ready for, some we are not. Being somewhat of a serious person, (someone who doesn’t who doesn’t smile that much, as told to me by a camper I had years ago), presenting people with questions and hearing and seeing their reactions and thought processes make me smile. The conversations and comments that comes with the questions I ask are funny to me. Maybe I am a little weird, I can accept that. It is my hope that you can make it through this book answering all of the options posed to you. Have fun!

Slurp 5 tablespoons of greenish-yellow, warm, creamy, thick and chunky old man hocker spit (sound here)




eat a meat patty made from the caked on residue from a public restroom plunger and port-a-potty floor and walls




eat warm, elementary school lunchtime vomit from a sloppy joe, french fry, steamed broccoli, fruit punch, chocolate chip cookie lunch

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