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The World We Live In

by Rolanda T. Pyle

One minute the World Trade Center stood,
and the next the towers dropped
And before we knew it, we were at war in Iraq
Child abuse, domestic violence, homelessness 
and drive-by shootings
Murders, robberies, sexual assaults and lootings

Things are complex and times are tough,
Sometimes the going seems very rough.
Where is the good news we sometimes cry?
Will we see world peace before we die?

We realize that God has the world in His hands
...and He is in control across this mighty land.
At the end of the book, we surely win,
So we have to keep watching and praying until then.

Poem of The Week 

My Voice Is Victory Poetry Compilation BookThe “My Voice Is Victory” Poetry Compilation Book is a book that will feature poems that speak about and to domestic and intimate partner violence. These poems will highlight the experiences that people deal with, and the impact that domestic and intimate partner violence has on them and society. The goal is to share experiences to let people know they are not alone and to use the power of poetry, the power of words, and the power of their voice to declare victory.

The Poetry "Word Find" Book - If you like word finds/word puzzles, and poetry, this is for you. The Poetry "Word Find" Book is available now.


Pleasure & Pain: Love Poems Compilation Book -  The Pleasure & Pain: Love Poems Compilation Book is available now.

Dear Bully: Poems & Other Writings - The Dear Bully Poems & Other Writings Compilation Book is available now.

Featured Poet - Rolanda T. Pyle

Rolanda T. Pyle, is the winner of the 2023 Poetry Is Life Book Award. Her manuscript, All Things, is a scheduled to be published this summer. She is the author of numerous books. You can check out some of her work at

Quote Of The Month

Being real has nothing to do with the world. 
But, the world has a lot to do with the real you.

- Hiral Nagda

Poetic Recordings



Honey And VinegarCarolyn June-Jackson
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Community Partnerships & Projects

Part of being a positive, active part of the community is working with local businesses and the people in the community to enhance the quality of life, through the gifts and talents of the people in a creative way. When businesses invest in and support community projects, it shows that they care about what is happening in that community. Creating opportunity for community partnerships and projects gives a sense of pride, hope and responsibility. It gives the people of that community something they can be proud of.


Poetry Is Life Publishing is honored to be working with local businesses and the people of the community to bring poetry and other creative projects to the people. As part of the mission and vision, we want to be able to use poetry as a way to enhance the life of the poet, the listener and the overall community by bringing awareness to issues that impact people, directly or indirectly. If you are interested in partnering on a creative project, Poetry Is Life Publishing would like to partner with you. To see what businesses we have partnered with, click the button below. Thank you. Now! They Will Listen To Us!

Publishing Opportunities

In the contest tab, there are contests that feature motherhood, fatherhood. There are also contest focused on youth and their writing. New contests are in the works. 

Compilation Books

You've taken the time to write down your thoughts, your feelings and your experiences on paper bags, on the back of grocery receipts, on take out menus, on utility, credit card and medical bills, you've even temporarily tattooed your skin with ink so you wouldn't forget that thought, that feeling or that experience. Inspiration, like life, cannot be predicted. You have made yourself vulnerable and open to criticism,...


The Winner of the 2023 Poetry Is Life Book Award
is Rolanda T. Pyle for her manuscript

"All Things"

Scroll down to see book trailer.

Featured Books


Pieces Of Me - $12
Carol Mullins


If There's No Heaven - $12
Barbara Marie Minney


The Voices of Real 4 - $10
A Poetry Compilation


The End Is Near - $10
Marjorie F. Burr


Just Like Me - $12
Emma J. Harris


My mother would say all the time how blessed she was to have met Jason. She had been writing songs and poetry since she was a teenager and it was always her dream to be published. I remember being young and retrieving manilla envelopes from the mailbox that were self addressed. When I asked her about she tried to explain that since she neither knew nor could afford a publisher, this was the only way she knew to get some type of protection for her work. 

-Nyiesha Peake, daughter of Valarie Pugh Peake; author of A Time To Heal.


The End Is Near - $10

Marjorie F. Burr


Just Like Me - $12

Emma J. Harris


Mission & Vision

Mission Statement


Poetry Is Life Publishing is a book publishing company that takes great pride in helping poets turn their lives into books, while also helping poets turn their books into life. This is achieved by providing affordable, quality, personalized, professional and genuine book publishing and related services. ​​


Vision Statement



To bring awareness & change to sensitive issues in society through poetry. To create and promote programs that feature poetry, other forms of creative writing and art centered around a specific topic, theme or cause. To provide a creative platform to showcase poetry that challenges life, creates a community, a culture of listening, with the ears of the heart.

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